Alchemy and Enlightenment

Exciting spiritual development course in Perth ,Western Australia

About Us

We have been exploring esotericism and spirituality as a group since July 2009. Our personal journeys began in the nineteen sixties and seventies. We bring a lifetimes worth of knowledge and experience to our group.


Brief Outline Of The Program.

The first part of 33 weeks will encompass:

An Introductory Section.

The Fundamentals Of Esoteric Psychology.

The Fundamentals Of The Awakening Of Consciousness.

The Universal Laws.

The Origin Of Man.

An Exploration Of Creation From An Esoteric Point Of View.

The Use And Expansion Of The Psyche, Consciousness And Life Forces.

The Era Of Aquarius And Its Foundation.

The Preparation For The Practice Of The Great Work. (This is where we actually put into practice the theory and bring this process to life)

The next section will last for 6 months and will encompass all aspects of the science and practice of meditation, investigating all aspects of concentration, breathwork and chakras.

Following this is the establishing of the fundamentals of advanced practice, the purpose of which is to place one into the actual process of spiritual awakening. Once this process has come to life and become established one may be invited to join an advanced practitioners group.

I trust this thumbnail sketch gives a good overview of the program.